About SCAN Fairbanks

SCAN Fairbanks stands for Sustainable Community Action Network Fairbanks, an organization dedicated to connecting individuals, organizations and businesses with resources, expertise, and personal experiences looking for assistance in becoming more sustainable.

 A note from the founders of SCAN Fairbanks:

“My name is Kraig, and I am providing Suzy with technical support before and after my “9 to 5” each day. Suzy’s efforts are in step with the Fairbanks North Star Borough and the City of Fairbanks. She is taking action using the framework outlined in “The Natural Step”, by Sarah James and Torbjorn Lahti. You can also visit their website here. Everything we do is interconnected and ultimately it must all be sustainable if we wish to continue doing it! Neither Suzy nor I are paid to do this, we just know it is the right thing to do.”


4 responses to “About SCAN Fairbanks

  1. Hi Kraig, I knew Suzy long ago in environmental efforts locally.

    Hoping you could visit my site: http://cleanairfairbanks.wordpress.com
    We’re working to gear up for the Oct 5 election.

    Thanks, just a mom of two now, Sylvia Ward Schultz

  2. And wow, you’ve put together a very interesting site. You really know what you’re doing, Kraig. Sylvia

  3. Hi, My cousins and uncle live in Fairbanks and I want to learn more about your organization and sustainability in Fairbanks.
    Does Fairbanks have a Green Drinks chapter?

  4. Would like to connect with you still. Please send your email to cleanairfairbanks@gmail.com. I’d like your help on the Healthy Air citizen’s initiative. We’ve just begun gathering signatures, need 2,500! Early July is our deadline. This is something local we CAN do about air pollution.

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