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A Very Productive Meeting!

* The Sunday University Sustainable Community Round Table Study Group met from 1 to 6PM on Sunday the 13th.

*Some innovative ideas as well as some good old standards were brought forward. The notes will be posted here as soon as is possible.

*THANK YOU to all participants, special thanks to Mike and Ritchie Musick for the inspiring Natural Step presentation!

*We will start posting the amazing list of links we have planned ASAP, so please start leaving comments with your favorite sustainability related links to build it up!

 *The next meeting for the University Group will be February 17th, UAF location tba when it is properly scheduled.

* The first South Fairbanks Sustainable Community Round Table Study Group meeting will be held on Saturday, January 19th at the J.P. Jones Community Developement Center. We are excited! More details coming!


Blog Update

Okay! That having been posted, my apologies for not getting this blog up this last weekend, I had to figure out how to do it again.

My name is Kraig, and I am providing Suzy with technical support before and after my “9 to 5” each day. Suzy’s efforts are in step with the Fairbanks North Star Borough and the City of Fairbanks. She is taking action using the framework outlined in “The Natural Step”, by Sarah James and Torbjorn Lahti ( see also

Everything we do is interconnected and ultimately it must all be sustainable if we wish to continue doing it! Neither Suzy nor I are paid to do this, we just know it is the right thing to do.

We will (hopefully starting tomorrow) post the actual notes (YOUR NOTES!) on what happens at the Sustainable Community Round Table Study Group meetings we attend, host or are requested to post. Any ideas that may have been missed in meetings – overlooked, not heard, misunderstood or mis-printed… or simply thought of after the fact or when you are doing your laundry – please post them here for us all to share! In addition, we will publish links, addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information for people, places, businesses, politicians… anyone or anything related to the topic of sustainability that someone desires to post for the purpose of connecting the people(s) of our community! If you are looking for someone/something in the Sustainable Community scene here after a few weeks and you can’t find them/it, then just post a request to this blog or email us at and we will do our best to hook you up!

In this blog we will also explore the results of ACTION taken toward sustainability in our community, whether as a result of the brainstorming sessions at a round table study, or by personal initiative. We do not argue with success in any of its sustainable forms! As you know if you participated in the December 2nd study group at the Wood Center on the UAF campus, we have many successes to celebrate in our greater Fairbanks Community, and also many great opportunities to move forward! To report your successes or brag about the sucesses of others, just post them here! Posts here may also stimulate web based discussion and the forum for that will be established soon… stay tuned for a discussion group site designed for the task! ~ Does anyone want to set it up and host it? Let us know! – Again, just post your response here or email us at and we can handle it that way!

Necessary bloggers One-Time Notes and Disclaimers: we review all posts to ensure a continuous “G” rating. This is a web log for all ages in our community. If ‘colorful’ language is submitted, it may appear in a posting as: *&^$%@#!, or the like, so if you must say it then we prefer you just say it like that! We also must reserve the right to print what we believe is relevant and worthy of print, and reject any material not appropriate for this community-friendly forum. Posts may however contain ideas or beliefs that we do not personally share – we do believe all experiences are valid and everyone in the community has a voice. Please just be courteous and share the air. Thank you!

Okay, that’s the introduction to this blog! Welcome to all! Next posting should include the transcription of the actual notes from the Dec.2nd meeting, as well as some more links!
Thank you all for coming! -Kraig