SCAN Fairbanks Second Post

Just like the email, only better! WITH spellcheck… and the detail that the petition is for ‘clean’ elections, not ‘free’ as I originally wrote:


Most everyone has said we need more time in our meetings, so here it is! Instead of 2PM to 6PM as originally planned, we have the Wood Center conference rooms C and D on January 13th from 1:00 PM until 6:00 PM !! The people have spoken… they always do, and it is up to us all to listen! 🙂 A South Fairbanks meeting is also in the works, reply if interested.

Suzy is visiting relatives for a few days so I will be checking the mail and handling most administrative duties here for a bit. She will check the email though, so keep on writing! Thank you to so many for so much!!


FYI: There is already a petition for Clean Elections circulating. They need help, and their time is running short! I encourage your signature and participation! Diedre Helfferich (Editor of The Ester Republic) is working that for District 8, and we can all contact Alex Prichard for more information. I just emailed him myself – I will be signing that one, and maybe even packing a signature list in a day or so…

A resurrection of the bottle bill is afoot, and anyone interested can contact us (Kraig and Suzy) with specific ideas for and necessary changes to the last attempted bill. I will soon have a copy of that bill, and we can re-work it into an initiative if it cannot be pushed by our representatives. just reply to this email (

The blog is up now! we will start adding links off to the side for everyone to use very soon. Notable comments will be posted as part of the blog, so feel free to add good stuff, ask questions, etc.! The actual transcription of the notes is taking longer than expected, but will get there soon also. We need LINKS to put on the margins of the blog, and in the soon to come website – please send us here at any links pertinent to sustainability and other contact data outside the web so that we can consolidate this critical data for all to access! This is a wide net, and I urge you to go through your physical address books as well as virtual sources (like your ‘Favorites’) so that we can compile a huge access database! You can reply with these to our email, or send as a comment to the blog! This is only the beginning.

The time for ACTION has arrived, and the many dedicated individuals who have labored so hard for so long will begin to see real change in the days ahead – FINALLY! Whew! Frustration has almost claimed some of us, but in this time of growth, there is new hope! We need someone to operate an online sustainability discussion group, and some people to help build and operate the coming SCANFairbanks website. These tools will help us link up and stay connected, to prevent re-invention of the many wheels there already are, and to create momentum! There are HUNDREDS in this community who have waited, and WORKED while they waited, for this time of the turning point of change – do you know their names? Let’s stay connected and keep learning to work together!

A special thanks to all who have sent comments (via email or via blog) with suggestions and ideas for growth and forward motion! We are onto something very special here, and the time is now ripe when change can actually happen in our community at ALL levels! The writing is on the wall, and people are beginning to respond from all parts of the community, not just a murmur, but what I believe will very soon become a roar as we build the connections that drive momentum. Sustainability may have many names to many people, but we all live here in common, and the issues can no longer be ignored!

See you all on Jan. 13th at the Wood Center, if not sooner!

– Kraig Smyth


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